Exporting vehicles to out of-province or exporting vehicles outside of the Canada

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Vehicles Sold to Businesses or Consumers and Delivered Outside of Canada

All vehicles purchased from Planet Motors are subject to sales tax based on the province where the vehicle was purchased. • 5% (GST) in Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec • 13% (HST) in Ontario.

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Exporters FAQ’s:

  1. What is the process for a foreign buyer to get their tax back from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) for the 5% or 13% tax after purchasing a vehicle from us?
    A foreign buyer can apply for a GST/HST rebate for each vehicle purchased and/or for vehicles purchased in bulk during a specific period (e.g. claiming and including the purchases for a given month, etc.).
  2. What is the cut-off time for a buyer to submit a GST/HST claim after a vehicle transaction?
    A foreign buyer usually has up to 4 years from the transaction date to claim a GST/HST rebate. Download the CRA general GST/HST rebate form.
  3. How long does it take a GST/HST claim to come in?
    First-time buyers typically receive their first GST rebate cheque after 3 months. After a first claim, buyers should receive their claims 1-2 months going forward. Please note: It is essential to provide all supporting documentation (invoices, proof of payment, proof of export, etc.) to avoid delays.
  4. How can I file for ITCs instead of submitting rebates?
    If a buyer is located in Canada and/or has a location in Canada, they can register for GST.
  5. What are Planet MOTORS’ rules around tax exemption letters?
    We do not typically accept tax exemption letters.
  6. For additional shipping and transportation inquiries:
    Please send all further exportation, shipping and transportation inquiries to please get in touch us.
  7. For more information, please send an email to us.


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