How to Examine an Infotainment System in a Used Car Before Purchasing?

October 24th, 2023 by

There are a few factors to consider when buying a used automobile, such as the training and information system, as many used car owners experience issues with everything from voice recognition to smartphone connectivity. Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Up to 25% of the total difficulties revealed in the survey in recent years have been infotainment-related issues.

Here are some recommendations for testing and inspecting an infotainment system in a used car before buying:



  • Screen Condition: Screens for infotainment systems are readily scratched and damaged, especially if they are cleaned improperly, with the wrong material, or with too much pressure and carelessness. When negotiating the price, point out any wear and damage to the infotainment screen on the model you’re considering. When cleaning the screen, adhere to the directions in the owner’s manual to prevent scratches. Do not use abrasive cleaners or filthy towels. Never use a paper towel to clean the infotainment screen, and think about keeping a Swiffer on board for quick, scratch-free dusting.


  • Check Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Many purchasers consider these systems to be essential since they enable users to reflect important features of their smartphone experience on the home screen and access apps and native voice command systems right from the steering wheel.My most frequent issues with these systems over the years have been using frayed cables or phones that require a reset in order to function properly.Following certain on-screen instructions after completing these procedures should make connecting to the system quick and simple. Verify sure your phone’s operating system and the head unit in your car are both up to date if you are experiencing issues.


  • Call someone: Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and that the call quality is both acceptable on the other end of the line and in the car before continuing.Although Bluetooth connections are frequently dependable, issues with microphone quality or the need for updated software to enhance audio quality might occur. Reconnect your Bluetooth, check your audio settings for any signs of trouble, and make sure all of your software is up to date if you or the person you are calling having trouble hearing the Bluetooth conversation.If none of these work, a new microphone might be needed.


  • Check the hard buttons/controllers: While some infotainment systems are touchscreen-only affairs, others function in conjunction with buttons installed on the screen, console, dashboard, steering wheel, and/or a central controller that enables drivers to manage the on-screen system via a remote knob, dial, or touchpad.Use the remote controller (if provided) to control a variety of on-screen features to test the remote controller’s (if equipped) appropriate performance while the engine is running and the system is started up. Check to see if the trackpad system reacts precisely to your fingertip movements and if dial- or knob-based systems react to all inputs when spinning, nudging, or clicking the main controller.


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