Learn how to get a 10-days special license when you need an exception to drive a non-Ontario-registered or commercial vehicle that exceeds its registered weight

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Special licenses are available to individuals whose vehicles or circumstances do not qualify for temporary license plates (temporary vehicle registration). With a special license, you can temporarily:

  • drive or transport a new passenger vehicle purchased in Ontario to register it in another jurisdiction
    exceed the weight limit stated on the license for a commercial vehicle if you are moving it for business purposes (e.g. car auctions or to and from a dealership)
  • If the combined weight of your vehicle and cargo exceeds the limits in the Highway Traffic Act, you will need an oversized/overload permit.
    Special permits are issued for owned or rented motor vehicles or trailers. Vehicles with special permits are temporarily exempt from registration but can operate in Ontario for 10 calendar days from the date of issuance.

An applicant may purchase two special permits within 365 days for the exact Registrant Identification Number/Vehicle Identification Number (RIN/VIN) combination, except for loaded commercial vehicles. goods, no limits.

How to get the special permit?

– In person at a ServiceOntario centre

Your first Special Permit must be purchased in person at a ServiceOntario centre.

To get a Special Permit in person, you need:

To get a Special Permit, you need:

– Online

To get a Special Permit online, you need:

  • to require a second permit for the exact vehicle you purchased the first permit for
  • to have purchased your first permit in person
  • the current vehicle permit
  • the name of your insurance company and the policy number

Note: if this is your first Special Permit, you get it at a ServiceOntario centre.

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