Maintenance Summer Tips for your Vehicle

July 7th, 2023 by

Summer is here, and because of the high summer temperatures, soaring dust and dirt and occasional rain can strain your car’s most important systems. However, with these essential services, your car will be better prepared, smoother and safer in the summer.

  1. Get your oil and oil filter changed: Extreme weather conditions (humidity, heat, cold) can put an extra load on the oil and oil filter, which is particularly important. The oil keeps engine parts lubricated, and filters trap harmful debris, dirt, and metal particles that find their way into the oil system.
  2. Evaluate your alignment: Alignment can be affected by road bumps, potholes, curbs, etc., as well as general wear and tear. Proper alignment can help extend the life of your tires, provide a smoother ride, and even save you a few dollars in gas bills. A simple check will determine if your vehicle is due for alignment service.
  3. Inspect your brakes: If they make strange noises or require extra pressure, it may be time for a tweak. 
  4. Test your battery: You can do the battery test yourself if you buy a digital voltmeter. This electronic device can easily determine the state of the battery. If the battery voltage is less than 12.29 volts, it is not fully charged. However, an overcharged battery can also indicate a problem. If the battery is weak, consult a mechanic to determine the cause.
  5. Double-check your fluid levels: Seasonal weather changes can cause low transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid, so check them all. In particular, refrigerants are a point to be especially careful of for the upcoming hot season. Overheating is the leading cause of summer failures, according to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Summer is exciting, and your car can take you on new adventures and destinations. However, don’t be careless and keep in mind your car’s maintenance. Keeping your car in excellent condition by keeping up with routine and seasonal maintenance is one way to protect your vehicle and reduce costs in the long term.


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