The initial objective in Canada is for 20% of new vehicles to be electric by 2026

May 20th, 2023 by

Canada is the latest country to announce that it will prohibit the sale of new cars powered by gas. To speed up the adoption of energy-efficient vehicles, Canada has set a target for 2035. Some countries have indicated plans to ban the sale of gas engines in recent years.

This transition will be much faster thanks to introducing of several important new electric vehicles in the coming years. These higher volume electric vehicles will be the most compelling car on the market in a hurry, making it straightforward to consumers that their next vehicle must have an electric motor.

Having an electric car has many benefits and advantages, such as:

1. Costs
Although energy costs for electric vehicles are generally lower than for similar conventional vehicles, purchase prices can be significantly higher. Prices will likely equalize with traditional vehicles as production volumes increase and battery technologies mature. Also, fuel cost savings, a federal tax credit, and state and utility incentives can offset initial costs.

2. Emissions
Significant emissions benefits can be obtained from using electric and hybrid vehicles instead of conventional vehicles. No tailpipe emissions are produced by all-electric cars, and no tailpipe emissions are produced by PHEVs when they operate in all-electric modes. The vehicle model and type of hybrid power system differ in emissions benefits for HEVs.

3. Batteries
Advanced batteries in electric motor vehicles are intended for longer life, but this is about to end. An eight-year or 100,000-mile battery warranty is available from several EV manufacturers. Predictive modelling (PDF) by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory indicates that today’s batteries may last 12 to 15 years in moderate climates (8 to 12 years in extreme temperatures).

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